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Yoga through the prism of Vedanta. A multi-level class suitable for beginner to advanced level. Working with discipline on the physical (alignment), physiological (anatomical), and organic (effect of the practice on organs) body, students learn to integrate and link the body, mind and breath through asanas or poses. Kavita skillfully interweaves Pranayam (yogic breathwork), Mudras and Bandhas (energy locks) into a flowing sequence of sun salutations and isolated postures. SachYoga translates philosophy into action; creating joy, harmony and awareness in body, mind and spirit. Classes are taught in the tradition of Guruji Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar and Swami Sivananda.
Restorative Therapeutic Yoga(TRY) using the renowned Iyengar and Kabirbaug yoga therapy techniques which have acheived results for thousands of patients. For patients with ailments such as arthritis, frozen shoulders, spinal disorders, heart disease, hypertension, stress, asthma and diabetes.
For kids and teens. Building better bodies and minds. A mother of two boys, Kavita uses games, music, storytelling, and yoga props in a fun and interactive manner. Children learn life lessons, develop self-esteem and build strength, flexibillity and balance both phyically and mentally. YuvYoga is beneficial for children with ADD, asthma and helps develop concentration and focus.
For pregnant ladies. A safe, soothing and gentle practice using props to strengthen, tone and limber up the reproductive organs, regulate the hormonal and endocrine glands, relieve edema and bring ease and freedom in body and mind. Students are taught yogasanas or postures, pranayam (yogic breathing) and dharan (focussed awareness) to prepare for labour and childbirth.
Bharat Natyam:
An ancient and graceful form of Indian classical dance which brings strength and flexibility.
Meditation and Mantra Japa Experience:
Meditative chanting of mantras or powerful sounds in repetition to purify the mind by focussed and single-pointed attention on the vibrations and energy produced by the sounds, leading to a transcendental state of dhyan or Pure Awareness.

Vedanta Study Sessions:


For seekers of self-knowledge or atma-gyan. Vedanta means the end of all knowledge, allowing knowledge to blossom into wisdom through experience. Vedanta classes takes a seeker through the inward journey of self-inquiry to recognize the Pure Consciousness that resides within.

Tai Qi:
The gently flowing circular movements of Tai Qi have been used for centuries to enhance and maintain wellbeing. It is a practical tool for healing, self defense and meditation. Movement and breath are harmonized and each movement exercises specific energy channels (meridians) promoting the free flow of qi through the meridian system to nourishing the body, mind and spirit. Attention is focused on the charkas – known as dian tian’s and the meridians - and the breath circulated through them. The Yang 24 form takes six minutes to complete and when incorporated into a daily wellness program will make a significant contribution to your wellbeing.
Qi Gong:
In traditional Chinese medicine Qi refers to our vital energy. Qi gong is a series of breathing exercises to stimulate this vital energy to strengthen immunity to disease, adapt to the external environment and repair internal damage. Attention is paid to correct posture and breathing and developing tranquility of the mind. The particular Qi Gong exercises are specific to the individual health needs.

Yoga Philosophy Courses:

For teachers, advanced and serious practitioners. Theory classes conducted as a semester series of workshops with course materials. Students will deepen their knowledge and understanding of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, origins of yoga, yoga terminology (meaning, pronunciation and history), yogic physiology including nadis and chakras, Shad Kriya, Ayurveda, basic Sanskrit, Mantra Jap and Vedanta philosophy.



A unique and highly popular approach to learning written and spoken Hindi skills. For children and adults alike.
This class is not currently taught as part of the schedule, interested students may contact Kavita by email at


For students over 50. A specially created class, gently drawing senior students into asanas or poses to energise, invigorate and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. SachSeniors focusses on building bone density, relieving menopausal and post menopausal symptoms, prostrate gland problems and makes extensive use of props to allow students to get into postures.
This class is not currently taught as part of the schedule, interested students may contact Kavita by email at

Courses | Therapies
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