A timeless art and a proven science, Yoga means a union of the lower with the higher.

awakens the awareness of our latent potential to live in a state of being known as Sachidananda or Truth-Knowledge-Bliss. SachYoga taps into this potential by working on the body-breath-mind-intellect equipment through the Ashtanga or eight-limbed Yoga system first codified circa 2000BC by Sage Patanjali. This features Yogasanas (postures), Pranayam (yogic breathing), Pratyahar (winding down of somato-sensory and motor-cortex activity), Dharan (single-pointed contemplation), Dhyan (meditation) and other practices. Yoga is a practical tool for living; a philosophy in action, equipping the microcosm (man) to co-exist in harmony within the macrocosm (universe).

Unlike any other sport or art, Yoga conditions the body and mind in every respect, creates strength and balance, restores energy and vitality, and sharpens the faculties for peak performance in any activity.

The benefits of Yoga

The manifold benefits of Yoga are well documented and accepted in modern medicine. Extensive research and studies have shown that Yoga regulates the hormonal system, balances the endocrine glands, tones and strengthens the organic body and musco-skeletal system, reduces HPB and is effective in preventing and reducing the risk of stress and coronary heart disease. Research in both India and the US has shown that Yoga can have a beneficial effect on children with autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and ADHD.

Photo Gallery
Adho Mudha Svanasana.jpg Dhyana Mudra.jpg Ardha Baddha Janushirshasana.jpg
Marichyasana II.jpg Rope Bhujangasana.jpg Dvi Hasta Bhujangasana.jpg
Gomukhasana in Padmasana.jpg Urdhva Dhanurasana.jpg Baddha Hasta Padmasana.jpg
Pincha Mayurasana.jpg Anjali Mudra in Padmasana.jpg Shirshasana.jpg
Trikonasana.jpg Paschimottanasana.jpg Urdhva Dhanurasana front view.jpg
Trikonasana.jpg Paschimottanasana.jpg Urdhva Dhanurasana front view.jpg
Trikonasana.jpg Paschimottanasana.jpg  

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